Vild Fisk Cookbook

VILD FISK teaches you how to cook simple, delicious dishes with fish and gives you an understanding of what your shopping habits mean for the health of fish stocks and the world’s oceans. 15 of Denmark’s most talented chefs share their favorite dishes with fish in this book, which serves as both a recipe collection and a reference work.

90 percent of the fish caught in this country are exported, and 80 percent of the fish we eat are caught abroad. The fish we buy in the supermarket or at the fishmonger is often several days old, and especially in the supermarkets the selection is limited. Many Danes have difficulty eating fish, and the repertoire of recipes with fish can be counted on one hand. The hope is that this book can help boost a revolution when it comes to the Danes’ fishing culture.

The book contains an encyclopedia of all fish caught sustainably in Danish waters, an overview of fishing methods and their significance for the marine environment, a thorough introduction to handling and filleting techniques and 75 simple recipes, both for everyday life and for guests. The recipes have been developed by some of Denmark’s most talented chefs, including Claus Meyer, Rosio Sanchez, Matt Orlando, Rita Chen, Sheila Avila and Jamie Lee .

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Cookbook featuring 15 of Denmark’s best chefs & 75 flexible fish recipes.

“Årets bog (2021)”
– Gastro

En af “de 7 bedste kogebøger lige nu”
– Euroman


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