Here you can find all the most frequently asked questions by our private customers, divided by topic of interest.


All fish is caught within 4 days. In most cases, your fish box will have a sticker specifying if it was caught 24 or 48 hours before. Your weekly subscription is guaranteed to have fish that is caught within 48 hours, while fillets typically have an extra day in processing time.
You will see available pick-up dates while placing an order on the app. If the current date is not available, it means it is not possible to order for same day pick up. Currently, you will have to manually check that your preferred pick-up place is open on your selected delivery date. You can check this on our pick-up points page.
Right now, we only accept Mobile Pay payments for your orders. You will receive an email (check your spam folder) confirming your order, where we explain how to pay and what pick-up & delivery options are available on your preferred day. We are currently working to integrate an in-app payment solution, but this will take us a little bit longer.
Right now, it is not possible to select pick-up and delivery preference directly on the app. We will ask you to include your pick-up / delivery preference when making your payment through MobilePay. All information about how to do so will be included in your email order confirmation.
Yes, it is possible for someone else to pick up your fish for you. The person picking up the fish for you will have to know the full name of the person who placed the order. From time to time, our partner pick-up points might ask for extra proof of identity (such as phone number).
You can pick up your fish for free at: - Il Buco (Njalsgade 19C) between 12:00-18:00 - Frisk fra Gården (Fridtjof Nansens Pl. 2) between 12-15:30 Tues and 16:00-18:00 Thu - Staldkøkkenet (Slagtehusgade 11a) between 16:00-18.00, Thu - Tekno Eatery (Rentemestervej 62, 2400 København) between 12:00-15:00, Mon-Fri - Sane Food (Ægirsvej 8C, 3400 Hillerød) between 12-17:00, Mon & Fri. Check our pick-up page for more info. By the way, you can also get it delivered to your home for a 60 kr. fee.
We will place the box outside your door. It can last for at least 6 hours.
We use cardboard boxes or recycled styrofoam, depending on your delivery method. We are always looking for the most sustainable packaging we can find to fulfil our cooling needs.
We will let you know the requested fish isn't caught in time, and you will be sent an SMS asking whether you would like to cancel or postpone the order.


Log into the app, go into "requests", find and click the product called "subscription", select you preferred amount of kilos per week, select your preferred delivery date (this will determine the day of the week your subscription will be delivered on going forward) - press the button "add to basket", and press the button "place order". You will now receive a confirmation SMS.
The subscription includes whole fish caught within 48 hours. We do our best to give you a variety of different fish, but are limited by the ones that are in season.
We guarantee that all fish in the subscription is caught within 48 hours. For weeks, when that is not possible, we will give you the option to postpone your delivery to later, or skip the week.
Send us an SMS at 44 11 53 02 or an email at You can cancel your subscription at any time.
Send us an SMS at 44 11 53 02 or an email at Please be aware that different days, have different pick-up points - you can see them here:
Send us an SMS at 44 11 53 02 or an email at