Changing the way you buy seafood


Our app connects chefs with low impact fishermen, we make sure that you get the best quality seafood straight from the harbor, and that the fishermen get paid fairly.



We work directly with fishermen using low impact techniques, so you are sure that the seafood on your menu has the lowest environmental impact as possible.



When you buy Blue Lobster fish, you know that the fishermen are getting paid 2 to 4 times more than what they would usually get for their catch. We do this by cutting on intermediaries costs, and making sure that your money end up in the right pockets.


We believe product is everything. By working directly with the fishermen, we are able to deliver the freshest seafood on the market directly from the harbour to your kitchen.


Browse what’s in stock…

Open the app, see what fish has just been landed, select quantity preferred size and delivery date and place your order.

…or place a request.

Cannot find what you are looking for?
Place a request for in season fish. The fishermen will be notified, and if they catch what you are looking for, we will deliver it on your preferred delivery date.

We take care of delivery!

Our drivers are out from Monday to Saturday, so you can get your fish delivered whenever it suits you best.


Are you a chef …

looking you for a transparent and fair way to get high quality, sustainably caught seafood to your guests?

Join Over 100 chefs and food professionals that every day trust us to help them get seasonal fish straight from the harbor.

Are you a professional…

Are you a professional fisherman working with low impact methods?

Then you might be interested in selling your catch directly to your end customers, while getting paid 2 to 4 times more for it.

We feel you, and we are here for you. Our app is currently not available for private consumers, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get restaurant level seafood to your table as well!
You can find us at farmers markets around the city and we can help you trusting seafood again with recipes, filleting tutorials and much more!